Teejayx6 – Blackmail Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics “Blackmail” performed by Teejayx6

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Make half a million every year, I’m getting watched by the IRS
I’m deep inside the game while n**gas still taking baby steps
Hit my mans body on the top of Mount Everest
Hit myself in the head with a glass bottle of Everfresh

Been really swiping for ten years, this s**t everlasting
Stress myself out, bought some cigarettes, now my voice raspy
Scammed a n**ga from New York, he like, his clothes tacky
You bought a ten from the weed man, he put it in a lil’ baggy


Bum n**ga wearin’ d**kies, why your clothes baggy
He’s riding in an ’08 Benz, n**ga, why are you braggin’
This n**ga must’ve missed jail, n**ga, why are you saggin’
Thought you was tough, why the f**k you got on autotune
Shot at some intruders tryna rob me sleepin’ in my room
Punched the hotel just to drown myself in the pool
I had to pull out of this b**ch, man, she got a pool
Shot a fat n**ga in his stomach and I made him poop

Got a stupid b**ch, get iPhones and her name is Tammy
Made a jugg page on Facebook and I scammed my granny
He finally got a two-two but that b**ch basic
Watched The Red Room, somebody killed theyself in they basement

Smacked a b**ch in her face and knocked out her bracket
Ordered a box from the dark web, it came in a crazy package
I sold a n**ga some garbage weed in a good package
Then he posted on Instagram like, Teejay got some strong
A thousand methods on my phone, I don’t got no storage
Seven bodies in on my opps, I think they wanna forfeit
Spent seventy thousand on a credit card that belonged to a tourist
‘Bout to kill myself, I drove seventy hours to a forest

Got this one crazy method, I can get your house foreclosed
Made twenty-five thousand in one day, but that’s not the most
Grazed myself in the head ’cause I got scared of my shadow
You can’t afford to roll up no Backwoods, you bought a ‘rello
Was tryna f**k this b**ch, she actin’ shot and mellow
My tiff NBA player, I just scammed Carmelo
He think he Wiz Khalifa, this n**ga got on black and yellow
Talked to a n**ga off the dark web, I was scared to say, Hello


Went to the graveyard and I pissed on somebody gravestone
My fake ID a little off, look like I got a different skintone
Went to Chicago and scammed Reggie Baybee and Skinbone
Lil’ n**ga lackin’ at the store, where your vest at
Stupid n**ga got some deal money and didn’t invest it
Right now I’m charging ten thousand for the bank method
He had to sit in jail for for three years for domestic violence
Ran out of pop so I poured up in the apple cider

Ran out of weed so I popped me a Percocet
Ran out the store ’cause I was in that b**ch nervous sweatin’
Ran out the bank soon as I dropped a fake check
Can’t get her hair done, she gotta wait on her paycheck

Don’t claim my lil’ cousin, heard that n**ga turned homo
He diss me on the ‘Gram and got killed for some promo
I just scammed a rich ass rapper for a promo
And I scammed a graphic designer for a logo
Tryna do the next bar, I told my engineer to c’mon
I just made my money for the day, I’m ’bout to go home
Shot a burglar-er ’cause he tried to sneak in my home
Got Find My iPhone, I traced the n**ga who stole my iPhone

All designer clothes, spent fifty thousand on my wardrobe
I just f**ked another n**ga b**ch with the door closed
We countin’ money in here so make sure the doors closed
Send some blackmail, they play my music on the radio
Hit a n**ga b**ch on the beach by the patio
Smash myself in the head with a piano
I just acted like I’m Walmart on LetGo
Thirty different numbers, I just bought thirty Metros…

➤ Written by Teejayx6
Teejayx6 | 2019

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