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Lyrics Shakespeare’s Classic – Tee Grizzley

First day of summer, Roney sittin’ in his driveway
He burnin’ za pack, listenin’ to Rod Wave
Cars flyin’ up his block like a cop chase
Roney gettin’ money, but he don’t do it the hot way
Mya comin’ ’round the corner lookin’ crazy
Air one’s dirty, shirts, shoes, Old Navy
Hair nappy, f**ked Roney up he had to take three
Her pops used to be her hope ’til they caged ’em

Mya and Roney been good friends for a minute
Now her support gone, so she been real distant
Crib look like a bando, it used to be nice home
At night time ain’t no more seein’ the lights on
Roney like, Damn Mya, what you got goin’ on
Mya playin’ crazy like, Move, I’m goin’ home
Roney pressin’, he know somethin’ honestly goin’ wrong
But, she like, Let me thug it out, I’m tryna be strong

Been tryna ignore it, but that s**t ain’t really workin’
Mya been down bad for some months, it got him hurtin’
He told her, If you see me doin’ bad, it’ll melt you
No more doin’ s**t on your own, let me help you
She agreed to it, we gon’ breathe through it
When you level up, I’ma how you how to breeze through it
Your dreams right ahead, you just gotta reach to it
He did it for her and showed her how she gotta do it

So, time passed, he done got her cleaned up
Pocket full of money, Mya tryna live her dreams up
She look at Roney, tears fallin’ when she peeped up
She like, If we tell our story, they wouldn’t believe us
We on the cruise seein’ s**t we never seent
Roney agreed, he wipin’ tears off her cheek
Like, Mya I know you love me, gave her a lil’ wink
She like, Yeah, but it’s more than you think

Ooh, say what, say what, say what
You know that I love you baby
Girl you know what’s up and you know what I need
Ooh, say what, say what, say what
You know that I like it baby
Girl you know what’s up
Haha, ayy the feelings mutual you hear me

Shot her to the hood, took to the crib
She got ’em feelin’ light headed, like he off a cig
Pretty long hair, she ain’t have to wear a wig
Took her clothes off and told ’em, It’s all his
She like, I always knew it’ll be perfect
I know it sound crazy, but I’m really a virgin
He lookin’ in her eyes and he know she ain’t purpin’
Slow motion, his turf, he gon’ surf then

Next day he take her to dinner in a Rolls
The waiter take down order and brought a rose to her
Yeah, she think s**t sweet, until he got down one knee
Up a ring and proposed to her
She got excited, then pause, then fainted, face first, full fall
She shakin’ hard, eyes in the back of her head
Roney shocked, but he picked up her body and fled
He hit the hospital, he need answers, he pacin’

His mind wonderin’ off, he can’t take it
Waited in the lobby all night, they ain’t say s**t
Playin’ cool, but he want to haul off and break s**t
Doctor came out like, Thank you for being patient
Mya heart bad, but we gon’ try and save it
Mya need surgery, but when we take her in
It’s gon’ be a ninety percent she ain’t gon’ make it

He go and visit, if it’s death she gotta follow, he goin’ with it
See Roney walk in the room, she was uplifted
Roney put that ring on her finger and he kissed it
Then he told her, Where ever you go, I’m goin’ with’chu
Baby, if we have got to separate, I’ma miss you
But, it won’t be long until I’m finally with’chu
Roney sick, tears fallin’, no tissue
Mya wipe his face off like
Boy, please can’t none take me I’m a mof**kin’ G
Yo’ love is my strap, so I’ll never be weak
It’s guaranteed, we gon’ be out of here in a week
The next day, Roney temperature on the rise
He prayin’ that Mya come out of surgery alive
Pain in his heart, you can see it in his eyes
The nurse come out like, Sorry sir, Mya died
Oooh.. oohh..

Roney fell asleep that night and had a dream
He seen Mya up under a waterfall stream
He walked up real slow, he ain’t wanna cause a scene
He said in one go, We gon’ fall as a team
I told you where ever you go, I’ma come get you
We had a slight separation, baby I missed you
But, that don’t even matter now that I’m finally with you
Traveled beyond life, just so I could come and kiss you
Within the dream, he got Mya right there in his reach
The love tellin’, he ain’t gotta come up with a speech
You can do anything, you just gotta believe
Sufferin’ heartbreak, Roney died in his sleep
Oooh.. oohh…

➤ Written by Tee Grizzley & J.R. Rotem
Album: Chapters Of The Trenches
Produced by J.R. Rotem
Tee Grizzley | 2022

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