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Lyrics Ms. Evans 2 – Tee Grizzley

That n**ga Steph in the door and he don’t even know it
But she gon’ keep it professional, she can’t even show it
He doin’ everythin’ right, just gotta keep it goin’
And Mike want some updates, n**ga low-key annoyin’

Steph thinkin’ like, It ain’t time to give him the real
He buttered her up now it’s time to go in for the kill
F**k the bet, at this point he doin’ this s**t for the thrill
School over, she leavin’, he ’bout to get on her heels
He like, Miss Evans, you ’bout to drop me off to where I stay at
Kinda turnt her on ’cause he told her and ain’t ask
He playin’ games with her, she ain’t trippin’ she gon’ play back
Like, Okay I’ll drop you off at home, Mr. Maybach

Steph like, How was your day
It was cool, how was yours
He like, Better now that I’m with you
She like, Boy you a baby, what I’m gon’ do with you
Steph like, Girl, stop it you only baby here is you
But you my baby, n**gas try to hollar at you, tell ’em that that spot taken
Then he put his hand in her panties, got her thighs shakin’
She like, Boy knock it off, you must want me to drive crazy

But she ain’t stoppin’, he kept goin, she started cumin’
Miss Evans trippin’, she goin’ against her better judgement
She look at Steph like, Lil’ n**ga, you better not say nothin’
He like, Bet
She pull over, they start f**kin’
He got her gushin’, givin’ it to her and she love it
They goin’ crazy, must’ve forgot they was in public
But she ain’t trippin’, she know Steph ain’t gon’ say nothin’
She turnt around, gave Steph everythin’ he wanted
And they came at the same time
Steph whispered in her ear, You like that thing mine
She drop him off, he call Mike like, n**ga game time
You lost a bet, f**k tomorrow, send my chains now, n**ga

Mike said, You cappin’
Steph like, Give me a second
I’m finna send a video, n**ga, look at this message
He get the video, first thing he seen was Miss Evans
She throwin’ it back, they goin’ crazy in the Lexus
Mike like, Dawg, ayy, bro
I’m ’bout to CashApp you no cap, bro, you the G.O.A.T.
Steph like, Delete it, brodie, can’t nobody know
Mike like, You already know, it’s already gone

Time pass, Steph and Miss Evans still f**kin’ ’round
Mike kinda jealous, she made him look like a f**kin’ clown
Her and Steph all lovey-dovey now
Mike get his phone and he see they tellin’ each other, I love you now
Mike see her in class like, Hey, beautiful
She like, Mike, not today
He like, What I do to you
Before you answer, look at this video of you and dude
Now if you don’t let me f**k, I’m gon’ ruin you

Steph walk in and see her cryin’, What’s goin’ on
Mike like, I just showed this b**ch that video
Steph swing on him instantly like, n**ga, you a ho
Threw another one and missed, Mike slammed him on the floor
Teachers rush in like, Stop, break it up, what’s goin’ on
Mike like, Miss Evans, tell ’em why we fightin’, let ’em know
Teachers like, Miss Evans, why they goin’ crazy throwin’ blows
Mike did ’em both, showed the teachers what was in his phone

Seven months later, Miss Evans locked up with a open case
Mike and Steph changed schools, they can’t even show they face
Every night, Steph prayin’ for her, hopin’ she okay
She gon’ be out, they gon’ be good, he gon’ keep the faith
She wrote a letter she like, Steph I hope you doin’ great
Why you send that video You did me wrong, bae
But listen, I ain’t gon’ say too much ’cause ain’t too much to say
These people gave me twenty years for statutory rape

I wish this was all a dream and somebody could wake me
Two decades a long time, I don’t think I’ma make it
I don’t plan on talkin’ to you no more ’cause you played it crazy
But I think you deserve to know that I’m pregnant with yo’ baby…

➤ Written by Tee Grizzley & J.R. Rotem
Album: Chapters Of The Trenches
Produced by J.R. Rotem
Tee Grizzley | 2022

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