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Lyrics Ms. Evans 1 – Tee Grizzley

Ms. Evans, out of ten she like a seven
Teach English, high-school, grade eleven
Single as f**k, got a condo, drive Lexus
No kids, she make these n**gas use protection
And she be teachin’ class in some yoga pants
A*s fat, she know the young boys be on her a*s
But they some babies to her, them boys ain’t got a chance
One of the coolest teachers, everybody be in her class

Now let me tell you about the best friends Mike and Stephen
They gon’ be there for each other if ain’t no one left
Copy each other homework, same answers every test
And they both like Ms. Evans, so them n**gas made a bet

Steph like, you see how she be lookin’ at me, boy she want me
Mike like n**ga hell nah, she be on me
Steph said, she might let a n**ga hit it low-key
Mike replied, if she do, I’m the one it’s gon’ be
Steph like, bet n**ga
Mike said, alright bet
If I hit her first bro don’t be upset with me
Mike confident like, bet I get the neck with it
Bro this s**t ain’t new to me you know I got b**ches

Days later Mike see her
He like, hey miss lady
She like, hey Mike
He like, damn you so thick baby
She like, boy go find somebody your own age crazy
There some girls in your class you wouldn’t mind datin’
He like, they young, they can’t do what you can do
I’ma just be honest for a minute I’ve been wantin’ you
She like, Mike nah stop playing like that this ain’t cool
You a kid you can’t do s**t for me but stay in school

He came at a grown a*s woman and got humbled up
Now he sitting at his desk quiet, looking dumb as f**k
He ain’t got no hope left, he don’t even wanna f**k
She done turnt him off, he tried to holla and she shut him up
Mike shot his shot and air-balled, Steph laughin’
Ain’t gon’ take the same route as Mike, so he plannin’
He gon’ study her and use what can to his advantage
He on her ‘gram, Okay she like white wine and Salmon
And she like workin’ out, she be in the gym

On the weekend she at LA Fitness from eight to ten
His daddy got a Maybach, he gon’ act like it’s his
Pops outta town, so he got the keys to the Benz
Next day in school, Steph made his move
At lunchtime he made his way to her classroom
He like, hey Ms. Evans you hungry, brought you some food
I would’ve brought you some wine too, but that’s against the rules

She smilin’, wish he would’ve broke the rules and brought the wine
But this will do for now and it’s them two for now
Other kids at lunch, he talking to her and blew her mind
He be on her ‘gram, so he already knew her vibe
End of the day, he held the door as she was walking out
She smiling like, you a gentlemen, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout
She ain’t even peep he had the Maybach in the parking lot
He ain’t even trippin’ though, tomorrow he gon’ make it count

Next day he park next to her, she can’t miss it now
Later on, he caught her leaving right when school was getting out
He hit the locks, she turn around Oh that’s how you livin’ now
He like I got good credit, I get this s**t with zero down
She smilin’ get in her car and as she pullin’ out she realize
This the third time he made her smile
He ain’t even immature, it’s cool havin’ him around
She get a little thought If something happen, he won’t run his mouth…

➤ Written by Tee Grizzley
Album: Chapters Of The Trenches
Produced by J.R. Rotem
Tee Grizzley | 2022

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