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Lyrics Double Peace – Tanzverbot

B**ch, I don’t like you, what you talk about a b**ch
What you think about a motherf**kin’ b**ch
B**ch, yo, you look like a motherf**kin’ b**ch
And when I talk about b**ches, I don’t like it
I groove on the street and I see people
It’s like a b**ch ..

You think you was a good guy but I don’t like you
Because I don’t like you
When you need a reason for what I don’t like you
Ist mir doch scheißegal, halt ma’ deine Fresse, yeah
Double peace inside of your mouth
When you think you was a good guy, I kill you

Every day, every night, I kill you
When you think you was good, I kill you
Halt ma’ deine Fresse, I kill you
Double-Double peace, I kill you

I’m sitting on my seat on the home
And I don’t like you when you talk about the same s**t
Every day, every night, Tanzverbot is back
And gibt dir ganz einfach eine rein in deine Fresse, b**ch

Every day and every night, Tanzverbot is back
Every day, every night, Tanzverbot is back
Every day, every night, Tanzverbot is back
And the bottle inside of your motherf**king mouth

Yeah, you don’t like what I talk about is s**t
F**k you, b**сh, I kill you every day or year
Mann, this is my motherf**king street
I’m living on Berlin, motherf**king Berlin

Yeo, greetings to the Germany
I like Germany, greetings to the Germany
Capital city from the Germany is Berlin
And I’m livin’ here and I love it
Yeah, I’m walking on the street in Berlin
And I like motherf**king Berlin

Every day, every night, yeah, Tanzverbot is back
2020, when I sag’, dass ich keine Ahnung habe, was ich sage
Yeah, Mann, I’m a great speaking english people
I like English speaking every day and every night
I am from England, you don’t hear it
Shut the f**k up, I kill you b**ch, hear it…

➤ Written by Tanzverbot
Tanzverbot | 2020

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