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Niki – Spell (Official Music Video)

Lyrics for "Spell" performed by Niki Slow, come and kiss me slow No, I don't have to go Show me all there is to knowAll of the lights are down But I see right through you, dear It's silent as we trade mouths But I hear you loud and clearI know you don't fall and tell But darling I…

Niki – Dancing with the Devil (Video)

Lyrics for "Dancing with the Devil" performed by Niki Wide awake at 2 A.M Think I'm losing who I am Why you keep on choosing them When all I'm tryna do is Make sure you got a nice bed And welcoming arms to come home to But time and time and time again You're only here every now and then…

Niki – Vintage (Official Music Video)

Lyrics for "Vintage" performed by Niki Speak of the devil my-oh-my Walking with that devilish smile That's one thing, I haven't seen in a while How have you been since I called you mine You look so good in this light Got me reminiscing bout our good timesAnd I know, I know, I know We've…

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