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YBN Nahmir

YBN Nahmir – Up-Top Baby (Official Video)

Lyrics "Up-Top Baby" by YBN Nahmir On my life, when I up, he gon' freeze up When it's cold, I'ma stick with that heat tucked It's YBN, lil' n**ga get your team up Remember all the days I was broke, now my cheese up Take a-take a L, bounce back on some new s**t Kick a door, bounce out with…

YBN Nahmir – Automatic (Official Music Video)

Lyrics "Automatic" by YBN Nahmir Semi automatics, pistols clappin', ayy F**k a Tec, I got mad tools We ain't talkin' 'bout no n**gas like these hoes do Think I'm p**sy, n**ga, run up, bet I showed you I bounce out with a .30, bounce out with a stick I'm the plug, call my phone if you need a…

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