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Vedo – Pull Out (Music Audio 2019)

Lyrics "Pull Out" by Vedo It's Vedo, baby In too deep, got you weak at the knees Might not come to my senses in time It's now or never, baby Might put it all on the line I thought I had my mind made up Until I had your legs raised up Music low with this liquor in my cup like You make it…

Vedo – Truth Is (Lyrics | Music Audio)

Lyrics "Truth Is" by Vedo Sometimes I get lonely Sometimes I get weary I know I stay busy But you're always on my mind Sometimes I be tripping But I've got good intentions Thank God that you're with me Though I act like that I don't need you Truth is Girl you complete me You saw…

Vedo – Glad To See You (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics "Glad To See You" by Vedo How long’s it been What 'cha been up to What brought you here, my love Tell me what’s in your coat Next when it’s on me What 'cha drinkin’, baby don’t leave In a minute since we linked up Do you still feel the way I do And though, I don’t mean to put…

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