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  • Meghan Trainor – Marry Me (Wedding Video)

    Lyrics “Marry Me” – Meghan Trainor Marry me, marry me, mmm Marry me, marry me, mmm I don’t need a cake, a fancy wedding’s not for me Won’t you marry me, marry me today ‘Cause I love you, wanna give you […]

  • Meghan Trainor feat. Gary Trainor – Good mornin’

    Lyrics “Good mornin’” – Meghan Trainor feat. Gary Trainor I don’t need no coffee I just need a quick smooch, baby, from you To wake me up in the mornings I just need a quick, mmh, baby, from you Yawning ’cause […]

  • Meghan Trainor – After You | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “After You” – Meghan Trainor Is this all we get, one short life Tell me we got time I saw a world without you there Somehow, you were mine And no, please don’t go Please don’t go and leave me […]

  • Meghan Trainor – Foolish | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Foolish” performed by Meghan Trainor I was like, Hi, nice to meet ya I could see me in your T-shirt I could hear love from the speakers I could see us in front of a preacher Saying I do in […]

  • Meghan Trainor – I’m Down | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “I’m Down” performed by Meghan Trainor You’re my strongest weakness In withdrawals, I need it You’re my secret fix, you’re my secret fix Need you more than breathing I was broke, you healed me Ain’t no drug like this, no, […]