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  • The Killers – Rut | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Rut” – The Killers Don’t give up on me ‘Cause I’m just in a rut I’m climbing but the walls keep stacking up Can’t keep my mind off of every little wrong I see the mouths are open, but I […]

  • The Killers – Run For Cover (Music Viedo)

    Lyrics ” Run For Cover” – The Killers What have you gathered to report to your progenitors Are your excuses any better than your senator’s He held a conference and his wife was standing by his side He did her dirty […]

  • The Killers – The Man (Audio 2017)

    Lyrics “The Man” – The Killers I know the score like the back of my hand Them other boys, I don’t give a damn They kiss on the ring, I carry the crown Nothing can break, nothing can break me down […]

  • The Killers – Peace of Mind | Lyrics Audio

    The Killers performing Peace of Mind (Music Audio 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Peace of Mind  There’s no one on the radar, no creature ἰn the grove No reason to be hateful, life is a treasure trove And peace of mind is easy to find […]

  • The Killers – When You Were Young lyrics

    The Killers cu piesa When You Were Young Versuri (lyrics): You sit there in your heartacheWaiting on some beautiful boy toTo save you from your old waysYou play forgivenessWatch him now, here he comes He doesnt look a thing like […]

  • The Killers – Shot At The Night lyrics

    The Killers cu piesa Shot At The Night Versuri (lyrics): Once in a lifetime, the suffering of foolsTo find our way home, to break in these palmsOnce in a lifetime (Once in a lifetime)Once in a lifetime Give me a […]

  • The Killers ft. Dawes – Christmas In L.A. lyrics

    The Killers ft. Dawes cu piesa Christmas In L.A. Versuri | Lyrics :   Woke up, the sun streaming in my roomWarm beach from palm December afternoonYou close your eyesAnother year blows bySomewhere in the windJust another life My parents […]

  • The Killers – Just Another Girl – lyrics

    The Killers – Just Another Girl Versuri (lyrics): Step out into the Indian dustI can feel the cracks in my spiritThey’re starting to bustDrive by your houseNobody’s homeI’m trying to tell myself that I’m better off alone All my friends […]