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  • The Him – Walk Alone (Lyrics | Video 2019)

    Lyrics “Walk Alone” – The Him We faded and stumbling Just tryna find out way back home We’re a long way from innocent But I’m not gonna let you go Say no oh ooh You will be safe and sound […]

  • The Him – Look At Us Now (Lyric Video)

    Lyrics “Look At Us Now” – The Him Take a look at us now We built a castle in the sky Can we see the birds fly by Did we set this view So take a look at us now The […]

  • The Him – Nothing On Us (Lyrics | Video)

    Lyrics “Nothing On Us” – The Him It’s four in the morning We’ve been going all night And we both had a little too much They say we don’t got the money And we’re wasting our time But we know that […]

  • The Him feat. Parson James – Broken Love (Lyrics)

    Lyrics “Broken Love” – The Him feat. Parson James Thinking about leaving this Wonder if I’ll be missed Thinking ’bout what we would lose Wish I set charm in blues Let’s talk about broken love The one we always had There’s […]

  • The Him – White Lies (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “White Lies” – The Him Don’t tell nobody We’re at some party It’s late, I know a place Where we can go My hands on your body Your conscience calling Baby, just ignore it Come on, ooh Ooh, girl forget […]

  • The Him – Always (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Always” – The Him Remember we were running wild Never ever felt like We were broke Using friends as alibis No one ever knew just We were going Broken down in bathroom Listening to bad news Thought you’d never let […]

  • The Him – Don’t Leave Without Me (Lyrics | Video)

    The Him performing Don’t Leave Without Me (Lyrics | Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Don’t Leave Without Me  Lights are glowing, running through the wildfἰre We live for the glory make it last a life time Will you touch me like you did […]