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  • Suigeneris – Slime | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Slime” – Suigeneris I know couple shooters with me who gon’ ride I know hella b**ches, they ready to slide I know lots of haters who ain’t on my side I know couple homies, none of ’em my slime […]

  • Suigeneris – Feel The Same | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Feel The Same” – Suigeneris You tell me you love me but I don’t feel the same Wasting this time but I’m the one to blame Used to think about moments and look at wedding rings Know our love […]

  • Suigeneris – Dancin | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Dancin” – Suigeneris Told her move, she know the rules, yeah I’m sipping juice, she having D’usse Throwing the rackades, Maison Margielas Diamond my necklace, she do a handstand Told her move, she know the rules, yeah I’m sipping […]

  • Suigeneris – Lucifer | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Lucifer” performed by Suigeneris Feel like I’m Lucifer Walking in Gucci fur I do not do returns Bought it all cash for show I just be dropping these racks on the floor She ain’t know how to talk, yeah Feel […]

  • Suigeneris feat. Lil Skies – Now | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Now” – Suigeneris feat. Lil Skies Stackin’ my cheddar, sippin’ on lean B*tches on me now Pushin’ the gas, pushin’ the gas I’m on the scene now.. I’m gettin’ money, I’m gettin’ money They lookin’ at me now They lookin’ […]