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  • Chelsea Cutler – Hell | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Hell” – Chelsea Cutler Babe why don’t you talk to me We’re acting so damn differently And I’ve been giving everything Cause I don’t wanna let you down Type it out but never send Cause I don’t know if I […]

  • Chelsea Cutler – Deathbed | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Deathbed” – Chelsea Cutler I apologize for what I said But I still meant it I know that I live in my head You won’t let me forget it I promised that I tried But walls don’t break And words […]

  • Chelsea Cutler – Sleeping With Roses | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Sleeping With Roses” – Chelsea Cutler I told myself that I would fix it I would tell you that I’m sorry And you’d still be listening I told myself that I would make it right I promised you that I […]

  • Chelsea Cutler – Deserve This | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Deserve This” – Chelsea Cutler Look at me I swear that you refuse to talk about this thing You’re holding up all the answers up inside your head Say you think you’re better off Yeah the water got to rough […]

  • Chelsea Cutler – Someone Else | Lyric Video

    Lyrics “Someone Else” – Chelsea Cutler I know why you’re calling We’ve been here before I know what you want You say I’m the one Then walk out the door It’s been for a minute But I can’t let go Don’t […]

  • Chelsea Cutler – The Reason | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “The Reason” – Chelsea Cutler I know I’m a mess, I didn’t choose it (I didn’t choose it) I know you’re scared, I’m gonna lose it (I’m gonna lose it) And now I’m just waiting for someone to take me […]