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Skinnyfromthe9 – Don’t Drown (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics "Don't Drown" by Skinnyfromthe9 I woke up and got right to a bag I remember when these b**ches go left Too much money man, I'm poping these tags Free all my n**gas, I can't get them back You know that I'm working, recording these tracks Then I'm preforming and getting these racks…

Skinnyfromthe9 – Back When I Was Broke (Lyrics)

Lyrics "Back When I Was Broke" by Skinnyfromthe9 Back when I was broke nobody gave a f**k Now that I got bands everybody hit me up Told them I would make it, they didn't believe it Sorry you missed out, now I’m living what I'm dreaming..② I tried to tell them, they ain't listen to the kid…

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