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Lila Iké, Skillibeng – Thy Will Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Thy Will - Lila Iké, Skillibeng Thy will will always be done Don't they know Thy will will always be done Say pon this journey where Jah put me Whole heap a things me witness Negative thoughts and impure heart A plague we like a sickness Now the youth dem have a hit list Pon every…

Skillibeng – Bad Man Thing Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Bad Man Thing - Skillibeng Top ranking a bad man thing A bad man thing yeh Top ranking top ranking Yeh man a bad man thing Bad man thing yeh..② Wah mek yo backflick A e pump rifle a one crank thing Like pregnant gyal mi point an spit tuh Hear people a ball watch e crisis Mac 90 AK…

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