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  • Sinead Harnett – Leo Bear | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Leo Bear” – Sinead Harnett I remember when I got the call Life went from black and white to something that I had never seen before Your colours they shine so bright on me No I don’t wanna come […]

  • Sinead Harnett – Body | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Body” – Sinead Harnett I tried to wean you off I tried to leave To say I quit the drug To say I’m beat But the word it chases me around every day Goodbye can’t seem to find my mouth […]

  • Sinead Harnett – Unconditional | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Unconditional” – Sinead Harnett Sat in your car in my driveway Where did we lose the time We were just living for Fridays When I could call you mine When I could only see blue You taught me to swim […]

  • Sinead Harnett – Still Miss You (Video 2017)

    Lyrics “Still Miss You” – Sinead Harnett Your energy it scares me I wanna protect my own The center of my universe But you are a black hole And your darkness steals the light I built for both us When you […]

  • Sinead Harnett – Rather Be With You | Lyrics Video

    Sinead Harnett performing Rather Be With You (Music Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Rather Be With You  I was halfway up on the wings of a fantasyLooking out for love, didn’t know what was good for me I stay out every […]