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Chris Brown – Sedated | Lyrics

Lyrics "Sedated" - Chris Brown Baby, you got my head up under water Holding my breath, it's getting harder to do Twenty eight hours I been waiting for you Got you all in my veins, I'm feigning, baby Got me feeling crazy, I'm a little hazy All I need is a taste, I need it, baby Every time…

The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag – Sedated (lyrics)

The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag - Sedated Versuri (lyrics): Labeled insane, we play in the rainWe wait and we pray for lightning to strike usWe're blinded, at least we're remindedIt's fu*king cold, I don't wanna go outsideShit, doesn't matter cuz I'm cold insideWell woah, woah, I said let's goWoah,…

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