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  • Sabrina Claudio – Truth Is | Lyric Video 2019

    I don’t feel you I ripped the last page out I don’t even get jealous When you mention other women I don’t, I don’t And I don’t miss you I’m doing better now I don’t even think of calling ‘Cause I never feel […]

  • Sabrina Claudio – On My Shoulders | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “On My Shoulders” performed by Sabrina Claudio Two, three, four.. I’ve gone insane There’s no way I’m sane I just can’t get myself to To trust in you To crawl inside your mind Would be divine That way I know that it’s true […]

  • Sabrina Claudio – Come Here | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Come Here” – Sabrina Claudio I’m dying to see you You know what I’m fiending for The only one to get to me Only one to get this close So, I want you to come here I want you to […]

  • Sabrina Claudio – Cycle | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Cycle” – Sabrina Claudio I didn’t make it this far Just to make it this far This is part of the cycle This the part when the flower starts to bloom after rain And gets the nutrients it needs to […]

  • Sabrina Claudio – Control | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Control” – Sabrina Claudio I’m not used to saying this out loud So why do I feel so free Didn’t know this piece of hell That’s peekin’ through my heaven Would comfort me I’m not used to losing my mind […]

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