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  • NoCap, Rich The Kid – Money Can’t Change Me | Lyrics Video

    Same n**gas, no new roast Blueface Rolex bussdown Money can’t change me I wore this s**t here yesterday Give him exit wounds He lacking on the interstate It ain’t nothing ’bout me basic, oh Traphouse going crazy My b**ch she boujie, nothing basic […]

  • Rich The Kid – Save That (Lyrics | Music Video)

    Lyrics “Save That” – Rich The Kid Now I’m rapping, Motorola in the trash All hundreds, tell promoters give me cash I ain’t cappin’, put two-fifty on the dash And I ain’t worried ’bout these b**ches, want the bag F**k […]

  • Rich The Kid – 4 Phones | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “4 Phones” – Rich The Kid They know I got cash, I ain’t gotta brag no more I’m playin’ with the money, I just might go snatch the boat I run through the check, but f**k it, the bag […]

  • Rich The Kid – Splashin | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Splashin” – Rich The Kid Ay, we can f**k lil mama, I can’t lip-lock Gucci, spent a hunnid on some new socks Coulda bought a crib, I bought a drop top I can’t love a b**ch, trust no thot Never […]

  • Famous Dex – Nervous | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Nervous” – Famous Dex feat. Lil Baby, Jay Critch and Rich The Kid Ooh, cool with your b**ch smoking sherbert, ooh Hold on, you makin’ me, ooh Know what I’m sayin’, baby girl, you makin’ me nervous, baby Relax, just […]