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Quin NFN – Detroit Flow Lyrics | Official Video

Quin NFN - Detroit Flow Lyrics Hold on, ayy, ayy, ayy I really just like how I sound on these beats I don't even be mean, you know Flow like this, another s**t that should just be going on like Ayy, hold on, ayy, ayy, ayy I feel like these n**gas just gotta feel me, you know, I'm just I…

Quin NFN – How I’m Living | Lyrics

Lyrics "How I'm Living" - Quin NFN Ay, hold on, ay These h*es wanna see how I'm livin' Heard I done got rich now them h*es on my d**k Tryna eat up and kiss on my children If you not in your bank n**ga get off your d**k If you not on your s**t then you trippin' LeBron with this s**t he just…

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