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  • Phora – Set You Free | Lyrics Video 2019

    Yeah, I see all your make-up smears And your tears dried I know that you’re heart is broke But you still try The say, the eyes are the window to the soul If it’s true, I can see the bruises That you never […]

  • Phora – Love Yourself | Lyric Video 2019

    Lyrics “Love Yourself” – Phora Yeah, yeah Don’t let this world and all these fake people upset you Keep your head high, you should know that you special Had to leave ’em all behind, so I could find myself But […]

  • Phora – Forgive Me | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Forgive Me” – Phora One two, yeah One two It’s just way too much right now Look.. All this pressure on my mind weighing down on my back All this emptiness inside, I feel my heart turning black Feel […]

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  • Phora – Don’t Change | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Don’t Change” – Phora Yeah, all these n**gas do is switch up on me, ha It’s all good Yeah, me and my n**gas in the crib with the views Back then, if we had a dollar we would split […]

  • Phora – I Still Love You | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “I Still Love You” – Phora Yeah, I don’t wanna lose you I just wanna save you I just wanna love you, and I don’t wanna change you Hopin’ that you miss me I’ve been tryn’ find you ‘Cause I […]

  • Phora – Come Thru | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Come Thru” – Phora Yeah, baby girl, come thru I’m tryna see what’s up with you You can be the one, all my being stuck with you You can fly away, just might fall in love with you Just might […]

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  • Phora – Holding On | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Holding O” – Phora Holding on doesn’t feel the same Nothing seems to cover up the pain Baby, I’ve been trying but you can’t feel the same About me, baby Baby I’ve been trying, nothing seems to cover up the […]

  • Phora – God | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “God” – Phora Yeah.. I wish I could just be honest Wish I didn’t have to lie Just wish I would’ve kept that promise When I’m starin’ at the mirror I just don’t see myself inside it Wish I could […]

  • Phora – Loyalty | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Loyalt” – Phora You should be treated like royalty, baby I know all that you wanted was loyalty, baby, oh yeah All of these ni*gas are stuck in they ways But you poppin’ and you give a f*ck what they […]