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  • Our Last Night – Outnumbered | Lyrics Audio

    Keep your head up As you wonder these streets You heart is strong When your flesh feels weak Waiting for the sun You can hardly breathe You’re suffocating Surrounded by enemies There’s danger in the shadows But you don’t have to go alone […]

  • Our Last Night – Lost | Lyrics Audio 2019

    When I was lost, I was searching For someone to be the light To follow through the dark No one was there I promise you when you’re lost I will save you I wanna be the one To lead you through the dark I’ll […]

  • Our Last Night – When Humans Become Our Gods | Lyrics

    False prophets lead the way With smiles on their faces Not worthy of our praise When humans become our gods Feeding on our faith Our spirit fades away We’ll never ease the pain When humans become our gods We beg […]

  • Our Last Night – Losing Sleep | Lyrics Video 2019

    Do you think you know me Do you think that I need your wisdom Do you wish that I bleed, from the words that you speak I’m not listening Is it destruction you see To live in a world without me I hate to […]