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  • Noah Cyrus – July (Lyrics | Video 2019)

    Lyrics “July” – Noah Cyrus I’ve been holding my breath I’ve been counting to ten Over something you said I’ve been holding back tears While you’re throwing back beers I’m alone in bed You know I.. I’m afraid of change […]

  • Noah Cyrus – Where Have You Been? (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Where Have You Been?” – Noah Cyrus Yeah, whenever you sleep I’m in your dreams I’m sitting at your front door Wondering where you’ve been I’m sitting at your front door Where I’ve been I’ve been moving forward I’ve been […]

  • Noah Cyrus – Sadness (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Sadness” – Noah Cyrus Three years of therapy still hasn’t got me right I still wake up crying on the floor And I know I feel too much sometimes Is that so wrong So just keep your emotional support Oh, […]

  • Noah Cyrus feat. LP – Punches (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Punches” – Noah Cyrus feat. LP Honey, it’s like my words burned out I’m trying to put it out I’m trying but don’t know how Honey, I’m drowning in all my doubt I’m trying to start again I’ve tried but […]

  • Noah Cyrus – Good Cry (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Good Cry” – Noah Cyrus I’ve been drinking this best drop for days The man across the bar taught me his ways They try to send me home but I can’t be alone The cigarette smoke all in my space […]

  • Noah Cyrus & Max – Team (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Team” – Noah Cyrus and Max Look at me You think that I’m tryin’ to fight ya But I’ll always be on your side, yeah Oh woah yeah You know me Why you’re all waste on theyour friends then Making […]

  • Matoma feat. Noah Cyrus – Slow (Lyric Video)

    Lyrics “Slow” – Matoma feat. Noah Cyrus It’s three o’clock in the morning No one can make me go home ‘Cause no one’s waiting there for me And I just can’t be alone Your green eyes are a weapon Shot a […]

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