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Nicki Minaj – Megatron (Lyrics | Video 2019)

Lyrics "Megatron" / Nicki Minaj They call me Megatron, just did a telethon He got Margiela's on, and I get my jealous on I f**k him like I miss him He just came out of prisonB**ches be talkin s**t, but they ain't got a pot to piss in My name is Nicki M, I'm in a sticky benz That mean its…

Nicki Minaj – Ganja Burn (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics "Ganja Burn" / Nicki Minaj Ayo, as the world turns, the blunt burns Watch them cunts learn Fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn I move keys, but you hoes get one turn Yeah, you get one turn, and one urn I straighten all these b**ches out with one perm Who ever gassed 'em ain't none of my…

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