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Fairlane feat. Nevve – Wildfire (Lyric Video)

Lyrics "Wildfire" by Fairlane feat. Nevve Now the sun is low, towering over me Don't know where to go, city is all I see, yeah Hang at the chateau, Boulevard royalty I'm caught up in the glow Stumbling for what I need Passing the hours Mssing you like wildfire I do,I do..give me your hours…

Hoang feat. Nevve – Don’t Say (Lyrics)

Lyrics "Don't Say" by Hoang feat. Nevve Yesterday We were only kids could never fade away Running thru the wind and pouring rain Memories at the door Burning bright from long before We don't talk anymore What are we fighting for I went my way You went sideways We were always running…

Elephante feat. Nevve – Have It All (Lyrics)

Lyrics "Have It All" by Elephante feat. Nevve Pressure on the clay Carving out opinions Whisper that I'm winning Force it every day Hide away from nothing Screaming out for something Don't know how to fool you, no more Miss the point in the clear view, I'm shy Maybe we should argue until…

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