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  • JDAM – Bury My Love | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Bury My Love” – JDAM I’m building this house on the moon Like a lost astronaut Looking at you, like a star From a place, the world forgot Bury my love, bury my love, bury my love I need someone […]

  • Craig David – Change My Love | Lyrics Video

    Craig David performing Change My Love (Music Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Change My Love  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah You say it’s over, that you’re leaving Get out of my way I’m blocking the door, what I say I don’t care if you stay, care […]

  • Gloria – My Love (Online Video) lyrics

    Gloria cu piesa My Love (Online Video 2016) Versuri (lyrics) My Love  We can run, we can hide up and downAll over the townEvery place, every streetTo the beat of our feelIn the club all nightWe are dynamite I I’m […]

  • Phelipe feat. Dj Bonne – My Love | Lyrics Audio

    Phelipe feat. Dj Bonne cu piesa My Love (Music Audio 2016) Versuri (lyrics) My Love   Go per your sinsKeep looking aheadIt is something on your mindHeart’s beating like twinsBut I see some regretsIf my love for you was blind My […]

  • Dwight Yoakam – Little Sister | Lyrics Video

    Dwight Yoakam cu piesa Little Sister | Lyrics Video  Versuri (lyrics) Little Sister: Little sister don’t you, little sister don’t youLittle sister don’t you kiss me once or twiceTell me that’s it nice and then you runYeah yeah, little sister […]

  • Mattyas – So Criminal | Lyrics Video

    Mattyas cu piesa So Criminal | Lyrics Video Versuri (lyrics) So Criminal: It’s sо criminal… number one I can’t stop, I’m loving youI want more or two of youGive me, give me your loveYou know I can’t get enough(You know […]

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