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  • MØ – Theme Song (I’m Far Away) (MOOMINVALLEY)

    Lyrics “Theme Song (I’m Far Away)” – MØ / “MOOMINVALLEY” (Official Soundtrack) Mamma said when you fly away Like a leaf in the wind Pick a rose from that other place Where the bluebirds sing On the coast of my […]

  • MØ – Imaginary Friend (Lyrics | Video)

    Lyrics “Imaginary Friend” – MØ Mm-hhm, I’m not the type But I will let you, I will let you in tonight, mhm I’m a little shy but we could turn down We could turn down all the lights Mmm, If you […]

  • MØ – Way Down (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Way Down” – MØ All of the day all of the night Flashing through my head like Light’s in the sky Am I gonna die Am I gonna be alright And I hear it like a call from the wild […]

  • MØ & Diplo – Sun In Our Eyes (Lyric Video)

    Lyrics “Sun In Our Eyes” – MØ & Diplo I feel the sunlight on my head The scent of summer in my bed When we were footprints in the sand Stealing liquor, making plans I can see your face from […]

  • Diplo feat. MØ – Stay Open (Lyric Video)

    Lyrics “Stay Open” – Diplo feat. MØ Even in the darkest hour You don’t have to search so hard You’re the one that holds the power Now’s the time to play your part If you could see your true colours You […]

  • MØ – Nostalgia (Lyric Music Video)

    Lyrics “Nostalgia” – MØ I remember the first time I was in love It was all the way back in 1997 I stole my mama’s cell phone, yes, and I was turning it up Tracked down your number, boy I was […]

  • Alma feat. MØ – Dance For Me (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Dance For Me” – Alma feat. MØ Tryna win all my time (na, na) Pullin’ me to the side, you’re so bad Don’t wanna hear ’bout your life (na, na) If you wanna get f*cking high, come closer Pullin’ up […]

  • Diplo feat. MØ – Get It Right (Lyric Video)

    Lyrics “Get It Right” – Diplo feat. MØ I am walking down that road Where did all the flowers go They say we’re supposed to grow Learning from the highs and low All eyes lying on me, oh Begging me to […]

  • MØ – When I Was Young (Lyrics | Video)

    Lyrics “When I Was Young” – MØ When the sky was gold And I needed no protection But as the wind would blow A thousand miles in no direction Man, it was a beautiful sight Days were soaked in sunlight Just […]

  • MØ – Turn My Heart to Stone (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Turn My Heart to Stone” – MØ Where were you, babe, when I needed you All of your shit’s lying on the floor Like you were just here, but you never were here No, you are not here I’ve always […]

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