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Migos – Do You Love Me (Audio)

Lyrics "Do You Love Me" by Migos Love me, love me or hate me In the kitchen yeah, I'm the baker's man, ay Too much money, ain't no rubberbands Put that bi*ch on the molly, she f*ck me and friends, ay Yeah it's hot in here, it's hot in here, ay B*tch you not in here, you not in here, ay We…

Migos – To Hotty (Music Audio)

Lyrics "To Hotty" by Migos Father God, Father God I just wanna live life (life) Lamborghini, loud pipes (Lamborghini) Remember all the trap nights (trap) Pull up in the Poltergeist (skrr) Hundred thousand on me, yikes (yikes) Shawty was suckin' too sloppy She was too sloppy, I had to roll…

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