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Migos – Position To Win (Lyrics & Audio)

Lyrics "Position To Win" by Migos Steppin' up, always take the risk Livin' life, go hard and don't quit Drip, splash like the ice on the wrist That's a call I can't miss Set my goals like a go, hit the switch Work, work, work, check it off the checklist In a position to win , in a position…

Migos – Is You Ready (Lyrics & Audio)

Lyrics "Is You Ready" by Migos Ayy, you ready Aye, grab that right there Huh Are you ready (ayy) Is you ready (ready) You say you ready (ohh) Whole squad ready (ready) Is you ready (huh) Are you ready (ready) Is you ready Whole squad ready We came here to see just what you got No,…

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