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  • Meghan Trainor – Blink | Lyrics 2020

    I’m an eclipse, I’m a shootin’ star I’ma you come quick, then I break your heart Watch out, watch out for me I’m smarter than you think I’m crazy but I’m sweet, you’ll see There ain’t nobody like me, baby So why don’t we […]

  • Meghan Trainor – Run Like The River | Lyrics 2019

    Lyrics “Run Like The River” – Meghan Trainor (“Playmobil: The Movie” Soundtrack) You’re allowed to feel however you feel You don’t always have to hide your tears Even if today doesn’t go your way I bet I’ll get you smiling […]

  • Meghan Trainor – Hurt Me | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Hurt Me” – Meghan Trainor You don’t get to hurt me You don’t get to hurt me We were good ’till we wasn’t ‘Till the love falled apart Ever ’till it was worth it So I had to move […]

  • Kaskade, Meghan Trainor – With You | Lyrics

    Lyrics “With You” – Kaskade, Meghan Trainor Am I the only one who’s been mistaken ‘Cause you’re the only one who keeps me waiting Do you know how much time I would be saving If I didn’t let you into […]

  • Meghan Trainor – Badass Woman | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Badass Woman” – Meghan Trainor I’m a badass woman What’s wrong with that Can’t hold me back Yeah, I’m a badass woman Just made like that But I’m proud of that ‘Cause I’m a badass woman Never second guess […]

  • Meghan Trainor – Marry Me (Wedding Video)

    Lyrics “Marry Me” – Meghan Trainor Marry me, marry me, mmm Marry me, marry me, mmm I don’t need a cake, a fancy wedding’s not for me Won’t you marry me, marry me today ‘Cause I love you, wanna give you […]

  • Meghan Trainor – After You | Lyrics

    Lyrics “After You” – Meghan Trainor Is this all we get, one short life Tell me we got time I saw a world without you there Somehow, you were mine And no, please don’t go Please don’t go and leave me […]