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  • Lucia – Catastrophe | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Catastrophe” – Lucia Make me see things differently Am I, am I so blind As I run, run, run from all the things That could count as responsibilities Go to where a paper envelope delivers your results They call […]

  • Lucia – To Gold | Lyrics Audio

    Lucia cu piesa To Gold | Lyrics Audio Versuri (lyrics) To Gold Feel the excitement, it’s the thrill of the hunt I crawl through your window, snatch my prey and I’m gone Will you fight back, do you know that […]

  • Lucia – Beethoven

    Lucia ne interpreteaza noul ei single intitulat Beethoven Versuri (lyrics): How do I start explaining?All these words on the tip of my tongue,And they have never felt so wrong,It’s harder than ever,To outsmart this stupid love, But I must find […]