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Lucia – Catastrophe (Lyrics | Official Video)

Lyrics "Catastrophe" by Lucia Make me see things differently Am I, am I so blind As I run, run, run from all the things That could count as responsibilities Go to where a paper envelope delivers your results They call me catastrophe I say it's an atrophy of the muscle That you should be…

Lucia – To Gold (Lyrics | Audio)

Lucia cu piesa To Gold (Lyrics | Audio) Versuri (lyrics) To Gold Feel the excitement, it’s the thrill of the hunt I crawl through your window, snatch my prey and I’m gone Will you fight back, do you know that It could bring you down It’s not our fault, in this strange world…

Lucia – Beethoven

Lucia ne interpreteaza noul ei single intitulat Beethoven Versuri (lyrics): How do I start explaining?All these words on the tip of my tongue,And they have never felt so wrong,It’s harder than ever,To outsmart this stupid love,But I must find a way to express this,I must find a way to be…

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