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Loote – Wish I Never Met You (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics "Wish I Never Met You" by Loote I was fine till the night that your friends Introduced me to you, f**ked me up We got high at the bar now the bar's so high Girl, on the night we met in the city I should've just got drunk and stayed home But now I got a piece of you with me wherever I go…

Loote – Your Side Of The Bed (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics "Your Side Of The Bed" by Loote Hope you never hear this You probably can't deal with it Hope your family's still doing great I'm missing every Sunday Friends probably hate me Wish you'd never met me F*ck a happy ending Since you left it's 1-2-3 Now he's coming in close to me I…

Loote – Out Of My Head (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics "Out Of My Head" by Loote I am the queen of overthinking That's why I'm always drinking Something to get me (outta my head, outta my head) Tonight, I'm tryna make bad choices So I can drown these voices Wish I could get them (outta my head, outta my head) I'm sorry, I don't talk…

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