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Preme feat. Lil Wayne – Hot Boy (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics "Hot Boy" by Preme feat. Lil Wayne I'm just tryna bring your pretty ass back to my place I remember you way back, back from MySpace Need a 'bout it b*tch that can bring the p**sy my way All these n*ggas lookin' at me, lookin' at me sideways Prolly 'cause I got the whole city on lock, boy…

Lil Wayne – Vizine (Lyrics | Music Audio)

Lyrics "Vizine" by Lil Wayne Why me.. why oh-why-oh why me Why do I look up and see my feet Am I rising But why do my peak look like it's out of my reach Why can't I trust what I seeMy scene just a crime scene Got the high beams and the sirens, yeah My team we could buy teams Talking…

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