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  • Lil Pump – Off White | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Off White” – Lil Pump Off-White, alright, yeah Off-White, yeah Ooh, ooh, Lil Pump Yeah, Thank You Fizzle Off-White, alright Off-White, alright Pop a Xan, goodnight She kept lookin’ at my ice..② Off-White, alright..④ Pop a Xan, goodnight She […]

  • Lil Pump – Drop Out | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Drop Out” – Lil Pump D-D-Diablo Harverd Dropout, b**ch Ooh, yeah Ooh, dropped out, then I got rich Dropped out, then I put a Patek on my wrist, ooh Dropped out for my teacher ’cause she ain’t s**t Dropped […]

  • Lil Pump feat. YG & 2 Chainz – Stripper Name | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Stripper Name” – Lil Pump feat. YG & 2 Chainz Let me tell you somethin’ ’bout me Thick white b**ch sitting in the front seat Ridin’ ’round, 488 ‘Rari Sippin’ on drank while I’m on a jetski I don’t […]

  • Lil Pump – Vroom Vroom Vroom | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Vroom Vroom Vroom” – Lil Pump She sit on my, huh Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom Yeah, yeah, yeah She said vroom vroom vroom vroom, ooh, huh Oh my god, Ronny Vroom vroom, vroom vroom vroom vroom B**ch, convertible coupe […]

  • Lil Pump feat. Offset – Fasho Fasho | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Fasho Fasho” – Lil Pump feat. Offset Call up them h*es fasho’, fasho’ We serve a pack, fasho’, fasho’ McLaren came with the butterfly doors I’m 17 and I just made the Forbes Unlimited drip fasho’ Wake up, I […]

  • Lil Pump feat. Smokepurpp – ION | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics ” ION” – Lil Pump feat. Smokepurpp I don’t need you, I don’t need school I pop beans, I don’t eat food Left wrist cost a Bentley coupe Drop ten Xans in Wonton soup Your b**ch give me top […]

  • Lil Pump feat. Quavo – Too Much Ice | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Too Much Ice” – Lil Pump feat. Quavo Too much ice, too much ice, too much ice on me, b**ch I’m the youngest flexer out here, know you heard ’bout me, ooh Bentley coupe, drop top coupe, cost a […]

  • Lil Pump – Racks on Racks | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Racks on Racks” – Lil Pump Racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks, b**ch Racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks, b**ch None of my cars ain’t rented, all mine black, my […]