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  • Lil Durk & Only The Family ft. Booka600 & G Herbo – Riot

    They started riots They started riots again They started riots They started riots again..② I go to the hood they tell me don’t come back I’m starting a riot again They coming around they bringing them drugs I’m starting to get […]

  • Future feat. Lil Durk – Last Name | Lyrics Audio 2019

    This ain’t a diss song, this a real song N**ga, we ain’t runnin’ from no responsibilities I take care of families I’m embarrassed over this mess that I done caused I can’t go to sleep, I’m paranoid And there’s way too many homicides Bought […]

  • Lil Durk – Bora Bora | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Lyrics “Bora Bora” – Lil Durk All this clout s**t, you chasin’ that, Balenciaga, space cadet I don’t even f**k with n**gas, I’d just rather chase a check Man, this s**t so crazy, seen my idol with a fake Patek […]

  • Lil Durk – Prada You | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Lyrics “Prada You” – Lil Durk Permanent marker on my heart, girl you careless And when you act like you don’t care, that s**t be scary And I got caught with 4, 5 h*es I’m so embarrassed I put the […]

  • Lil Durk – Green Light | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Green Light” – Lil Durk Man, give that boy this message Can’t wait ’til foenem catch you Keep callin’ me a rapper I might be the one to stretch you He claimin’ that he gang The only reason foenem […]

  • Lil Durk – Turn Myself In | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Turn Myself In” – Lil Durk Yeah, yeah, yeah, God, can you hear me Yeah, yeah, yeah, n**gas ain’t really with me Yeah, yeah, yeah, main homies turned against me Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard the story, think I’m finished […]

  • Lil Durk – No Label | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “No Label” – Lil Durk It’s so crazy ’cause I made this song off another n**ga feelings Know what I’m sayin’, what he going through with his b**ch Know what I’m sayin’, he actually one of my dogs Know […]