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Luh Kel – Perfect Time Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Perfect Time - Luh Kel Oh yeah, you came Ooh, you came in perfect time, I Fell in love for the one night, I I stay falling for you Ay, girl, I keep calling to you, uh huh Gimme time and I can make it right, I Talking on the phone until the sun rise, ah Tell me your feelings is true…

Luh Kel – Real Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Real - Luh Kel I feel like I'm losing, it feel like I'm losing Ain't been in the mood, feeling like you been chosing Ain't been feeling you, the way you been moving Can't be no excuses, no making excuses If you pick me I can make it right And girl I don't got a reason For every time…

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