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  • Khalid – Free Spirit | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Free Spirit” – Khalid We were running onto something And we didn’t say forever But it’s all we wanted You were so in love with simple things And now we’re searching for the fire dripped in kerosene I’ve been […]

  • Khalid – My Bad | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Lyrics “My Bad” – Khalid Can’t count up the times you’ve blown my line And that’s been on my mind a lot lately I wanna leave the extra all behind, mmm And I know that you wanna be my baby, […]

  • Khalid, Kane Brown – Saturday Nights REMIX | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Saturday Nights” – Khalid, Kane Brown Saturday nights, blueberry cigarillos Swishers make my throat hurt Rolling OCB’s on the side for me Light ’em up and let ’em both burn Family feuds, say your mom’s confused Off of shit she […]

  • Khalid – Talk | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Talk” performed by Khalid Can’t we just talk, can’t we just talk Talk about where we’re goin’ Before we get lost, let me out first Can’t get what we want without knowin’ I’ve never felt like this before I apologize […]

  • 6LACK feat. Khalid – Seasons | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Seasons” – 6LACK feat. Khalid It’s been a little cold In out-outside Switch of the wardrobe Gotta be dressed for a ride Got hit with a winter breeze And all we like to act tough, what we do it for […]

  • Khalid – Better | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Better” – Khalid I love to see you shine in the night Like the diamond you are I’m on the other side, it’s alright Just hold me in the dark No one’s got your number, what we do Hit me […]

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