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  • James Arthur feat. Travis Barker – You | Lyrics Video 2019

    Fighting, living, dying For what For freedom That’s what which men Have fought since time began To be free They’ve been making blanked statements Scaring everyone They’ve been making you feel like You never did belong Yeah, he said, and she said Yeah, […]

  • James Arthur – Finally Feel Good | Lyrics Audio 2019

    I wanna wake up sober See what the sunrise means to me ‘Cause I’ve been getting colder And nothing means anything I wanna really hold ya And feel the ground beneath my feet ‘Cause when it’s all all over Don’t wanna miss anything I […]

  • James Arthur – At My Weakest | Lyric Video

    Lyrics “At My Weakest” – James Arthur It’s a long night in a big crowd Under these lights looking ’round for you Yeah, I’m stepping outside under moonlight To get my head right, looking out for you, yeah Could it be […]

  • James Arthur – You Deserve Better | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “You Deserve Better” – James Arthur I’m just not sure my heart is working And yours is beating double time Deep down you know I ain’t even worth it It’s not enough, babe, all I do is make you cry […]

  • Marshmello & Juicy J feat. James Arthur – You Can Cry

    Lyrics “You Can Cry” – Marshmello & Juicy J feat. James Arthur Oh, you can cry on my shoulder Everything’s alright All the pain is finally over You can close your eyes Listen to me, close your eyes baby, picture this […]

  • James Arthur – Naked (Live Video)

    Lyrics “Naked” – James Arthur Hey, you there Can we take we take it to the next level Baby, do you dare Don’t, be scared ‘Cause if you can say the words I don’t know why I still care ‘Cause here […]