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  • Jacquees – Fact Or Fiction | Lyrics Video 2019

    You’re trippin’, blame me for my past When you know I’m more than that Been there once no going’ back, I promise I’ma get it right this time, I’ma prioritize You better know that ass is mine Say I got […]

  • Jacquees – Live Ya Life | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Live Ya Life” – Jacquees Flyin’ in Paris, an airways Come live ya life on a airplane Run in ya lights, f**k a stop sign I want you for a lifetime What’s your size, whatchu like to wear Hit […]

  • Birdman feat. Jacquees – Free Game | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Free Game” – Birdman feat. Jacquees Your girl’s with me You f**king with the boss I don’t care ’bout what it cost And she ain’t tryna leave I’ll f**k you like you want She got a thing for me Girl […]

  • Trey Songz feat. Jacquees – Spark | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Spark” – Trey Songz feat. Jacquees What she got on got her lookin’ like a star Yeah, yeah, yeah Make me wonder what it look like when it’s off Yeah, yeah, yeah Got me lookin’ at your body, bet it’s […]

  • Jacquees – London | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “London” – Jacquees It’s two o’clock I’m tryna find your spot Fresh fit from Lenox and I’m in my drop I hit your digits ’cause you got that vibe I hit your digits ’cause you’re on my mind, oh yeah […]

  • Jacquees feat. Chris Brown – All My Life | Lyrics

    Lyrics “All My Life” – Jacquees feat. Chris Brown Jacquees sing, yeah, yeah I got a crib with a nice view You and your girls should slide through Wasn’t doing s**t anyway Might as well bring your ass here to my […]

  • T.I. feat. Jacquees – Certified | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Certified” – T.I. feat. Jacquees I’m a certified A-town n**ga, trap original Did it analog, fore’ this s**t was even digital Big box Chevy, tinted windows riding sellin work Never tell I rather go to heaven I’m a felon, yeah […]

  • Jacquees & NBA YoungBoy – Before The Fame | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Before The Fame” – Jacquees & NBA YoungBoy I’m like for real, brand new Audemar stainless steel House in the hill, I ain’t got one yet, but I ran up a mil N*gga know that I’m still, but you know […]