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Jacquees – Live Ya Life (Lyrics | Video 2019)

Lyrics "Live Ya Life" by Jacquees Flyin' in Paris, an airways Come live ya life on a airplane Run in ya lights, f**k a stop sign I want you for a lifetimeWhat's your size, whatchu like to wear Hit the mall, buy you every pair Whatchu wanna eat cause there's a chef in town We can book a…

Jacquees – London (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics "London" by Jacquees It's two o'clock I'm tryna find your spot Fresh fit from Lenox and I'm in my drop I hit your digits 'cause you got that vibe I hit your digits 'cause you're on my mind, oh yeahThe chance girl we could take it, yeah What you want tonight Let's pour these shots…

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