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  • Chris Brown – Blamed (Solo) | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Don’t play me to the left, no ‘Fore I pull up with that thing on me I’m shootin’, aimin’ for the neck, oh And ain’t nobody finna bang on me I got your b**ch, she coming over She gon’ bring […]

  • Chris Brown feat. Gunna – Heat | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Heat” – Chris Brown feat. Gunna You liking what you see Everything designer, that’s on me, uh That’s water when I walk You get like you, just tryna f**k, yeah This drip got you in heat Just jump in, […]

  • Chris Brown – Back To Love | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Back To Love” – Chris Brown I, I know I might let you down Every twice in a while and I apologize I get emotional sometimes, ha But I’ll keep running with my best foot forward ‘Cause the race […]