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  • Zayn – Fresh Air | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Fresh Air” – Zayn You could be a changed man if you wanted You could make the doves cry if you wanted Tell me that you wanna die, but you don’t Tell me that you wanna die, but you don’t […]

  • Zayn – Flight Of The Stars | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Flight Of The Stars” – Zayn I go where you go Go through Armageddon Girl I got you There’s no goodbyes, only us So I will follow Hold you close Standing on the edge of no tomorrow Still deep in […]

  • Zayn – If I Got You (Official Audio 2018)

    Lyrics “If I Got You” – Zayn Think I’m from space My soul fell down I found the Earth Not leaving now I know your face Think you fell too And ain’t no place now If I got you Anywhere, […]

  • Zayn – Stand Still (Lyrics | Music Video)

    Lyrics “Stand Still” – Zayn Skies are blue and birds are yellow Flowers growing just to bloom A million chances of our glances Catching eyes across the room If time stands still Move I will to you This was filmed Somehow […]

  • Zayn – Natural | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Natural” – Zayn It’s just like breathin’, speakin’ When we touch, like a force of nature Not just a feelin’, let’s believe it The birth of love like a force of nature Undeniable (it’s our love) Unforgettable (it’s our […]

  • Zayn – Imprint | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Imprint” – Zayn We can leave an imprint ‘Cause this minute that I’m in ‘Cause this minute’s where I live with you Where I stay with you If you wanna stay up late Girl we’d still make it If […]

  • Zayn – Scripted | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Scripted” – Zayn Blurry TV Screens Fuzzy broken scenes Finding words don’t have flow Blurry TV Screens Fuzzy broken scenes Hold her close finding love Hearts don’t feel the same And the names we like to say Change with […]

  • Zayn – Tonight | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Tonight” – Zayn Just let me talk, you know what I’m sayin’ Don’t give me that, girl I know you’re stayin’ Where you goin’ You feel that space, it’s mine Said we’re goin’, in every space and time But […]

  • Zayn – Common (Official Audio 2018)

    Lyrics “Common” – Zayn Always lookin’ out behind my fences Always felt isolated, oh-oh-oh I don’t know why I was so defensive I’ll find a way to let you in I will die if I don’t try, damned if I […]