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  • Chloe x Halle – who knew | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “who knew” – Chloe x Halle Who knew Who knew Who knew..② Never thought you’d be somebody that I Would be staying with on a Saturday night To be honest I don’t think you’re my type Yet, here we […]

  • Chloe & Halle – The Kids Are Alright | Lyrics

    Lyrics “The Kids Are Alright” – Chloe & Halle We don’t really care about The trends you like to follow You know what they say They’re here today and gone tomorrow Oooh.. oooh.. If I’m in the mood I get as […]

  • Chloe & Halle – I Say So | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “I Say So” – Chloe & Halle I woke up this morning with some things laid on my heart Couldn’t go another minute being in the dark Will there ever be tomorrow, we will never know But we’re in this […]