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  • Haim – Hallelujah | Lyrics Video 2019

    I met two angels but they were in disguise Took one look to realize Tell ’em anything and they will sympathize These arms hold me tight Old fears, helped to ease them in my mind New tears say that they will dry in time […]

  • Haim – Now I’m In It | Lyrics Video 2019

    Looking in the mirror again and again Wishing the reflection would tell me something I, I can’t get a hold of myself I can’t get outta this situation Walking in a straight line thinking about last time This time I said I would do […]

  • Charli XCX feat. Haim – Warm | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Lyrics “Warm” – Charli XCX feat. Haim You gotta tell me the reason Why we can’t fall in love You gotta tell me the reason Why you won’t open up Now I’ma send you to heaven Tequila on your tongue […]

  • Haim – Summer Girl | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Summer Girl” – Haim L.A. on my mind, I can’t breathe You’re there when I close my eyes, so hard to reach Your smiles turn into crying, it’s the same release And you always know, and you always know […]

  • Haim – Little of Your Love | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Little of Your Love” – Haim You’re just another recovering heart I wasn’t even gonna try You wouldn’t even give the time Could be so easy, you make it hard Don’t think about love too much My love is gonna […]