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  • The Dangerous Summer – Ghosts | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Ghosts” – The Dangerous Summer It’s summer again And how I wish I could be there now I see you in bed Under covers and nothing else The sun pouring in We’ll swim for days without the noise of everything […]

  • Vama – Ghosts At War | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Ghosts At War” – Vama We share the same roof but you know This lаpse between us starts to grow And whatever made us feel like one Has turned into a loaded gun We are enemies.. enemies.. I hate […]

  • Delia – U (Fighting with my ghosts) Videoclip Oficial

    Delia cu piesa U (Fighting with my ghosts) | Versuri Video Versuri: Can’t stop fighting with my ghost, Can’t stop fighting with my… Turn on the lights cause I’m nervous tonight, All my sorrows are messing my mind, yeah, I […]