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  • Gashi feat. Maxx Owa – Yesterday | Lyrics Audio 2019

    You said I was holding on to what went wrong Let go, let go And through the time we could be fixing us Felt alone, and you did what you want Smoke in the air just to feel something A hundred missed calls but […]

  • Gashi feat. DJ Snake – Safety | Lyrics Video 2019

    Sometimes don’t wanna fall in love ’cause I’m sick of lies When you not around all I got is tears in my eyes Momma praying, saying, boy that you’ll be fine You’re the first and the last thing that’s always […]

  • Gashi – Roses | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Roses” – Gashi She’s like a renegade in my head, that’s what she is And she’s sleeping out of my bed, now she left She likes faded with the glow on Every single night she only f**k me with […]

  • Gashi & G-Eazy – My Year | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “My Year” – Gashi & G-Eazy Bad b**ch rollin’ up You know she ain’t rolling all by herself She just wanna f**k Pull up in the crib with your girls on my bed like Out in Vegas high All […]

  • Gashi – Show Me | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Show Me ” – Gashi Would you ride for me Let it fly for me Would you die for me Would you cry for me Tell a lie for me Dont lie to me Show me, show me, show me […]

  • Gashi – Used To Be | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Used To Be” – Gashi Tootsies on the top floor spinning dough Five-forty-five and I’m getting dough If you didn’t know, b*tch, now you know Pop that pussy, pop a pill, then leave me alone Woah, first I gotta break […]