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  • Cardinale – Forever Young | Lyrics Video

    Cardinale performing Forever Young (Lyrics | Video 2017) Versuri (lyrics): Forever Young  We are cool and youngDance in the sunlight beautiful you and IWhen the night is youngThe rain comes down, but nothing can stop us tonight We are cool […]

  • Zayn & Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever | Lyrics Video

    Zayn and Taylor Swift performing I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Official Music Video 2017  Versuri (lyrics)  I Don’t Wanna Live Forever  Been sittin’ eyes wide open behind these four walls, hopin’ you’ll callIt’s […]

  • Spice Girls – Stop | Lyrics Video

    Spice Girls cu piesa Stop | Lyrics Video Versuri (lyrics): You just walk in, I make you smile It’s cool but you don’t even know me You take an inch, I run a mile Can’t win, you’re always right behind […]

  • Passenger – When We Were Young | Lyrics Video

    Passenger cu piesa When We Were Young | Lyrics Video Versuri (lyrics): We used to never say never Used to think we’ll live forever Flying free beneath the sun Days go running and hiding The weeks go slipping and sliding […]

  • Lionel Richie – Forever | Lyrics Video

    Lionel Richie cu piesa Forever | Lyrics Video Versuri (lyrics): Forever and ever and ever and ever… forever girl Don’t know why we had an argumentAll I know is that my baby leftNow I’m looking at a photographThinking all about […]

  • Deepside Deejays – Forever 23 | Lyrics Video

    Deepside Deejays cu piesa Forever 23 | Lyrics Video Muzica Romaneasca 2015 Versuri (lyrics): I look into the skies I see All my dreams and my mistakes align Looking for a better me I did everything, everything right And I […]

  • Lambrino – Forever (Official Single)

    Lambrino cu piesa Forever (Official Single) Versuri (lyrics): And forever i said never You’re the reason I will follow There will be a happy ending I won’t change my mind And forever i said never You’re the reason I will […]

  • Drake – Wu Tang Forever (It’s Yours) lyrics

    Drake cu piesa Wu-Tang Forever (It’s Yours)  Versuri (lyrics): I just love when I’m with you, yeah, this shit is on tenWe used to be friends, girl, and even back thenYou would look at me with no hesitation and you’d […]