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  • Famous Dex – Nervous | Lyrics Audio

    Lyrics “Nervous” – Famous Dex feat. Lil Baby, Jay Critch and Rich The Kid Ooh, cool with your b**ch smoking sherbert, ooh Hold on, you makin’ me, ooh Know what I’m sayin’, baby girl, you makin’ me nervous, baby Relax, just […]

  • Famous Dex – Lose It | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Lose It” – Famous Dex You flexin’ im doin’ it Get five thousand b**ch .. My juggers be shootin’ You run up on me I swear Imma lose it Yeah, lose it, what, yeah, I’m super, huh Pop a lil […]

  • Famous Dex – Dan The Man | Lyrics Video

    Lyrics “Dan The Man” – Famous Dex DJ what Dexter ouu, f*ck your hah Diamonds dancing like club tho Huh f*cking bi*ches, know what I’m saying Dexter ou what yeah ah what AP diamonds dancing all up on my wrist Blew […]

  • Famous Dex feat. Rich The Kid – God Damn | Lyrics Video

    Famous Dex feat. Rich The Kid performing God Damn (Lyrics | Music Video 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): God Damn Lotta motherfu*kas hatin’ Ballin’ mama said she proud of me Whole gang gon’ ride for me Walkin’ ’round with a knot Can’t trust […]

  • Famous Dex – Huh | Lyrics Video

    Famous Dex performing Huh (Lyrics | Music Video 2017)  Versuri (lyrics)  Huh  Aye huh I can keep, I can keep going over and over Over, know what I’m saying I don’t really care what Stop talking to me Watch out […]