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  • Example – Click | Lyrics 2019

    You and me just click No stopping it Go back Opposite attracts Robin Hood Maid Marion Gonna carry on Collapse No accident Both catting it So Passionate Til Half 6 Chat a bit Having It Total Eclipse I’ve been walking […]

  • Example – Sit Down Gary!!! | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Sit Down Gary” – Example I made some bad decisions lately But girl, I love the way you hate me If I was lonely, would you save me Cause you always make it right Ay, ay I might be slightly […]

  • Example feat. Hayla – Show Me How To Love | Lyrics

    Lyrics “Show Me How To Love” – Example feat. Hayla Sat having drinks, awkward silence How I’m gonna make her see Looking for a sign, she gives me eyelids Now this ain’t the place for me I’ve been down roads like […]

  • Example – Later | Lyrics

    Example performing Later (Music Audio 2016) Versuri (lyrics) Later  Head spins around.. Lost in the crowd It’s early morning Your eyes are loud Look like they callin’ Come calm me down Feel like I’m floatin’ Head spins around You been […]

  • Example – Seen You | Lyrics

    Example interpreteaza piesa Seen You | Lyrics Versuri (lyrics): I’ll carry the world on my shoulders,just for you,Whateyer the storm wnats to throw us,I’ll stay true,If I, never, get to be all the things,I wanna be,I wake up next to […]

  • Example – Only Human | Lyrics

    Example interpreteaza piesa Only Human | Lyrics Versuri (lyrics): ‘Cause I’m only human,How do you live when there’s nothing to give,When you’re strapped ‘fore a world without soldiers?!How do you live when there’s nothing to give,Tell a man where he […]

  • Example – Take Me as I Am | Lyrics

    Example cu piesa Take Me as I Am Versuri (lyrics): I know I’ll mess it up, cos’ I’ve ruined it before,I always seem to spoil myself, of that you can be sure,So if you want this journey, reach out and […]

  • Example – One More Day (Stay with Me) lyrics

    Example cu piesa One More Day (Stay with Me) Versuri (lyrics): Stay with me for just one more day I have to make a move to somewhere miles awayThe only hope we’ve got is just to smile and prayAnother lesson […]