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Key Glock – Like Key Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics Like Key - Key GlockI asked this b**ch‚ she must like what she see, what she see Then she told me ain't another like me, like me Naw‚ baby, ain't no n**ga like Key, like Key Yeah‚ I'ma run it up 'til I'm deceased, deceased Yeah, I just killed the parking lot, RIP, RIP I been getting so…

Key Glock – Monster Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics Monster - Key GlockAll  these cameras flashin' And my diamonds dancin' I  came out the slums I'm the one that made it happen Now I'm gettin' back ends I used to get them bags in Came out the trenches Now a n**ga livin' lavish I'm  finna buy a mansion And turn it to my palace…

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