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  • Alvvays – Dreams Tonite (Music Audio 2017)

    Lyrics “Dreams Tonite” – Alvvays Rode here on the bus Now you’re one of us It was magic hour Counting motorbikes on the turnpike One of Eisenhower’s Live your life on a merry-go-round Who starts a fire just to let it […]

  • Mario Joy – Follow your dreams | Lyrics

    Mario Joy performing Follow your dreams (Lyrics | Video 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): Follow your dreams  I tell you the life is a storyA story you have to write it by yourselfLosing or winning, no matterYou must keep on fighting till the […]

  • 6 Dogs – Faygo Dreams | Lyrics

    6 Dogs performing Faygo Dreams (Music Audio 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): Faygo Dreams Cream soda faygo, damn I’m still dreamin’ They hate on me, I don’t know the reason Finna wake ’em all up ‘caus I know they sleepin’ I’m wide awake […]

  • Vizi – The song about my dreams | Lyrics

    Vizi performing The song about my dreams (Music Video 2017)  Versuri (lyrics): The song about my dreams  Just because i don’t wanna sell my soulDoesn’t really mater i don’t count no moreI know your expectations are so hard to achieveAnd i […]

  • Nelly Furtado – Pipe Dreams | Lyrics

    Nelly Furtado performing Pipe Dreams (Lyrics | Music Video 2016)  Versuri (lyrics)  Pipe Dreams  Don’t sell me no pipe dreams I wanna live with you through everything Don’t sell me no pipe dreams I wanna life in a kaleidoscope Don’t sell me no pipe […]

  • Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams | Lyrics

    Coldplay performing  A Head Full Of Dreams (Lyrics | Video 2016) Versuri (lyrics) A Head Full Of Dreams Oh, I think I landed In a world I hadn’t seen When I’m feeling ordinary When I don’t know what I mean Oh, […]

  • Andra & Mara – Sweet Dreams | Lyrics

    Andra si Mara cu piesa Sweet Dreams (Music Video 2016) Versuri (lyrics) Sweet Dreams Am I alive or did I die.. Did the day just pass me by, saying Sweet dreams, I gotta go now   These are the moments […]

  • Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams | Lyrics

    Taylor Swift cu piesa Wildest Dreams | Lyrics Versuri (lyrics) Wildest Dreams: He said let’s get out of this town Drive out of the city Away from the crowds I thought heaven can’t help me now Nothing lasts forever But […]

  • The Corrs – Dreams | Lyrics

    The Corrs cu piesa Dreams | Lyrics  Versuri (lyrics) Dreams: Now here, you go again, you say, you want your freedomWell, who am I to keep you downIt’s only right that you should play the way you feel itBut listen […]

  • Roxette – Listen To Your Heart | Lyrics

    Roxette cu piesa Listen To Your Heart | Lyrics  Versuri (lyrics) Listen To Your Heart: I know there’s something in the wake of your smileI get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea You’ve built a love but […]